On The Air


6 AM~9 AM; The Northstar Bank Morning Traffic Jams, Ft. The Adventures of Bob and The Mitch

9 AM~12 PM; Bob Hughes

12 PM~1 PM; The Lunch Time Capsule w/ The Mitch

1 PM~3 PM; The Mitch

3 PM~6 PM; Shut Up and Drive w/ The Mitch

6 PM; Seger @ Six


34ALL THURSDAYS – Every Thursday hear your favorite bands with three songs in a row all day!

The Arena Parking Lot – Brought to you by Bullet Auto & Truck Repair and Towing in Caro. A classic concert the way it was made to be heard…in it’s entirety every Saturday night at 8pm!

The Hairball John & Friends Radio Show – Every Saturday night at 10pm. Classic hair metal and interviews with commentary from a bunch of derelicts led by Hairball John himself!

The Acoustic Storm – Enjoy the best mix of acoustic classic rock every Sunday morning from 9AM~12PM.